Never worry about dirty cash again.

CleanCash by SaniCash is making commerce safe again by utilizing ultraviolet-C light energy to sanitize cash and credit card terminals.

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An Innovative product for a newly sanitization-conscious world

A New Retail Payment Sanitization Solution

Every day millions of us come into contact with cash and credit card terminals that have been touched by untold hordes of others, creating contaminated surfaces where germs and viruses have been known to live on for up to three days. We believe we are creating our own market category, hoping to become the industry standard for the sanitization of cash and credit card terminals that power the global point-of-sale market.

Patent-pending tech to sanitize cash and credit card terminals 

CleanCash is hard at work developing and commercializing patent-pending tech that will be able to sanitize cash and credit card terminals quickly and efficiently. Our technology will provide peace-of-mind by preventing the transmission of germs and allow us to carry on with our lives protected from unnecessary immunological risk.

Tech for a post-COVID world

With our scientifically proven sanitation method, four pending patents, and stellar team, we are confident CleanCash is poised to rise to this unique moment in history and become a mainstay in point-of-sale terminals around the country.

Scientifically backed tech to sanitize point-of-sale and protect

CleanCash is developing a first-of-its-kind retail payments sanitation solution using ultraviolet-C light energy to perform scientifically proven virus/germ sanitation.


At point-of-sale around the retail landscape, cash-using customers will insert their bills into our machine, inside which each bill and coin will be individually sanitized by UV-C light energy before being passed to the cashier, with the same system operating as change is returned back to the customer.

For credit card transactions, the terminal is retracted into its chamber after use for sanitation.

Retail payments are disease vectors waiting to happen

Due to the massive disruption, we are currently experiencing health and safety measurements have never been taken more seriously than in recent months. As we have all become more conscious of the germs and viruses surrounding us on a daily basis, one of the clearest areas of exposure remains the systems through which we conduct point-of-sale transactions, whether at the grocery store, the mall or even at your local gym.

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Our team consists of tech veterans with experience working with high level clients like the military and NASA

Founder and CEO Nevin Jenkins is a serial entrepreneur with 25 patents to his name, including the first Medical Alert System which became famous for its TV commercials. Perhaps you’ll remember: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

VP of Product Development Rande Newberry has been a longtime partner of Nevin’s, previously co-founding SR Products together, a leading radar speed detection equipment manufacturer.

Strategic Advisor Mark Lyle has spent two decades in the electric hardware space, previously co-founding Universal Microwave Corp. ($24M acquisition), a designer and manufacturer of electronic components essential to cellular infrastructure and high-speed data communications, as well as satellite and flight guidance systems.

Founder and CEO, Nevin Jenkins (top) and Strategic Advisor, Mark Lyle (bottom)

Let's make dirty cash a thing of the past.

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